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Our intelligent sensors are characterized by excellent availability and reliabilty. Our pumps have large flow rates especially by high suction levels. The pumps are suitable and special optimized for water and different chemicals. As an alternative for the traditionally used rotary potentiometers we offer our patented Hall based angle sensors for precise rotation angle measurements. Which are inexpensive, absolutely reliable and accurate – also in extreme situations.

Applications: Pumps for water and cleansing agent dosing in scrubber machines. Sensors for all kinds of steering and throttle applications in scrubbers and the like.


Operational safety and uninterruptible power supply.

Our battery chargers are build as resonant converters using primary side, high frequency switching and therefor achieving very high efficiency of up to 95%.
These are ideally suited to build up uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) for emergency power systems with backup times from minutes to several hours.

Applications: Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) for Hospitals, Data Centers, Bank & Insurances. Battery Chargers for vehicles in different applications like logistics, floor cleaning scrubbers, electric Wheelchairs…

DIAL Engineering develops individual electronic solutions optimized for the production of small series. With our great experience and patented sensor solutions we find the perfect solution for your requirements that offers you the crucial advantage in product development. Our speciality is the interface between mechanical and electronic parts of system.

For complex requirements we offer support up to the mass production stage, including approvals and project management as a full service package.

Standard Products & Promotions

Standard Products & Promotions

Standard Products:

IUPITER Battery Charger 24 V / 300 W
IUPITER Battery Charger 24 V / 900 W

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