Patented sensors – for more agility and lower cost

Our new, innovative control gives you the option to steer electronically instead of mechanically – the steering is carried out by a control of two separate drive motors. The desired steering angle is detected electronically by a sensor on steering wheel and accordingly converted in steering signals for the two drive motors. A scrubber drier with this control is capable of turning on the spot around its own axis and has an excellent agility.

As an interesting alternative to the often applied potentiometers we offer the srcuba.sensor as a reasonably priced version with our patented hall sensor for the measuring of rotation angles – our sensors work contactless and wear-free with a magnet. The output signal is between 0.5 and 4.5V – that way it is possible to detect cable breaks, too.

Our patented angle of rotation sensor can be applied as throttle control – with or without middle position – as well as a steering angle sensor for electronical steerings.
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