Unique panel concept – from the membrane keyboard to the touch screen

The concept of the scruba.panel is unique. Everything is possible and disposed modularly – from the simple membrane keyboard with alpha numeric LCD to a touch screen. On the touch screen design different language modules can be downloaded and individual functions specified. Of course all relevant operating data of the cleaning machine can be logged and exported.

Basic functions
  • Interface to the main control
  • Service-interface (RS232) for a connection to a PC
  • Control electronics
  • Software for sequence control system
  • Data exchange with charging device for battery management

Further possible options
  • Connection for a touchscreen
  • USB port
  • Alpha numeric LCD
  • A maximum of 96 single LEDs or a 12-digits LED 7-segments display or any combination with a maximum of 96 LEDs/segments
  • Connection of a maximum of 32 scanners
  • Analog input (e.g. for potentiometers) or other analog sensors
    oder andere Analogsensoren
  • Individually adjustable software
  • Different language modules
  • Log-files/evaluations
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