Modular controls – for better scrubber driers

Sit-on-machines currently use a mechanical steering with a wheel. However, such machines are not very maneuverable due to their large turning circle. But it is precisely in this situation when maneuvering characteristics are essential.

Hence DIAL developed a new, innovative control that does not need a mechanical steering anymore. The steering works by controlling two separate drive motors. The desired steering angle is electronically captured by a sensor on the steering wheel and accordingly converted into steering signals for both drive motors. A scrubber drier with this control is capable of turning on the spot around its own axis and has an excellent agility.

The new DIAL control is due to its characteristics and advantages on the cost side extraordinarily suitable for cleaning machines. The innovative DIAL control can replace the mechanical steerings which were used in such devices so far and are difficult to construct as well as expensive to produce. Additionally the new DIAL control can easily be applied into systems with a mechanical steering and only one drive motor.

Among other things the following function blocks can be integrated in the new DIAL main control:
  • Power electronics for 2 driving motors (INenn each 100A)
  • Power electronics for 1 brush motor with soft-start and electronical monitoring (100A)
  • Power electronics for 1 brush lowering motor with electronical control for contact pressure
  • Power electronics for 1 sucker motor with soft-start and electronical monitoring (50A)
  • Power electronics for 1 sucking lowering motor
  • Power electronics for 1 back-up power unit (e.g. second scrubber motor) with soft-start and electronical monitoring
  • Power electronics for max. 2 piston or membrane pumps
  • Power electronics for a solenoid valve
  • Power electronics for 2 units with less power (e.g. horn or headlights)
  • Monitoring of a waste water tank
  • Battery monitoring (voltage measurement)
  • Temperature control of the power electronics
  • Interface to the control panel
  • Control electronics
The main control is a 4-layer conductor board with 400µm copper inner layers (usual in the market are a maximum of 105µm), so high currents up to 200A can be switched as loss-free as possible. A cooling profile is located on the bottom side of the conductor board that discharges the power loss of the electronics. Due to the use of the latest semiconductor technologies the occurring waste heat is very low.
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