State of the art for cleaning industry – modular, individually adaptable, innovative.

scruba. is the innovation brand of DIAL ENGINEERING for the field of cleaning machines.

What scruba. means for you:
  • the latest technology and new developments
  • modular structures
  • individually adapted to your needs.

In scruba. we combine several new developments:

  • scruba.control – the new control by DIAL for agile, reliable and reasonably priced srubber driers. Optional with newly developed power electronics to control separate drive motors for the steering – you do not need a mechanical steering anymore.

  • scruba.panel – the new individual control panels by DIAL for scrubbers dries. Available as a simple version with an alpha numeric LCD or even as a touch screen panel.

  • scruba.sensor – the patented sensors by DIAL for the forward / backward driving functions as well as the steerings of scrubber driers.

  • scruba.pump – optimized pumps and dispensing systems for the use in the cleaning industry. Unmatched in quality and precision.

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