DIAL.safety: Highest reliability and suitability -
products and services for the security sector

DIAL.safety offers you cutting-edge components
and compelling services for security applications.

Our products are in daily use for military, civil protection and
in hospitals for many years:
  • innovative technology with the highest
    reliability and suitability
  • highest quality of workmanship
  • modularly adaptable to your specific needs

DIAL.safety offers a broad product portfolio
and services for the security sector:

  • Battery chargers – our chargers are featured by
    unsurpassed reliability and highest efficiencies of
    up to 98 percent. As pioneers of the charging
    technology, we ensure optimum charge and
    maximum battery life with our products.

  • Power/emergency power supplies,
    battery monitoring, battery management systems
    - proven in daily
    our products convince through quality and performance.
    All devices are exactly to your specifications customizable.

  • Sensors systems, controllers, control panels,
    power Electronics
    - innovation system.
    For vehicle manufacturers as well as for special usages
    and applications we offer numerous components that can be
    adjusted to your needs. Beyond that we develop and
    manufacture components and complete systems for you
    individually - 25 years of engineering and manufacturing
    expertise guarantee the highest quality for our services
    and products.

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