CHARGOMATIC series 1900

  • Battery monitoring
  • Deep discharge
12 V  60 A

C1900–20 TLS

Functional description C1900–20 TLS
Upon reaching an undervoltage, the potential free alarm contact K2 and optionally a LED are switched. Once the voltage has dropped to its minimum value, the battery is disconnected from the consumer by the relay K1. Thereby the battery is protected from deep discharge.

At the same time a floating message is sent over relay K3. Once the battery has reached set value by charging, the consumer is reconnected. The voltage thresholds can be set using the potentiometer P1, P2 and P3.

The operation is shown in the following block diagram.

C1900–20 UeSU

Functional description C1900–20 UeSU
Once the voltage exceeds a preset value, the charger is disconnected from the battery and the consumer by using relay K1. Thus, the battery and the consumer are protected against overvoltage.

At the same time a floating message is sent by using relay K3. The low voltage message works as the previously described deep discharge protection. Relay K2 is used only, if instead of a shutdown only a message should occur. The voltage can be set by using the potentiometers P1 and P2. The operation is shown in the following block diagram.

Mechanical design
The printed circuit board (PCB) with auxiliary relays and electronics is mounted directly on the contactor. The contactor with circuit board is mounted with 4 mm screws. The mounting position is arbitrary.

The installation of the line connections is made by the 6 mm bolts of the contactor to the terminals +battery and +load. The negative connections are made directly between the charger -battery and -load. The negative terminal of the battery is also connected as a control line via a 6.3 mm flat plug with the TLS. The signal contacts of the relay can also be connected via a 6.3 mm flat plugs.


Technical data

Device type C1900–20 TLS/UeSU
Max. contact rating for
12 V DC
24 V DC
48 V DC
60 V DC
20 A
20 A
8 A
3 A
3 A
3 A
2 A
1 A
Switching shafts
Undervoltage message at
Turn off consumers
Turn off consumers

1,9 V / Zelle
1,7 V / Zelle
2,15 V / Zelle
Maximum power consumption when the contactor
12 V
24 V
48 V
60 V

< 1 Watt
< 1 Watt
< 1 Watt
< 1 Watt
Maximum power consumption at contactor is switched off for all voltages around 7 mA when output relay
Connections Terminals, max. cross-sectional
4 mm²
Dimensions (L x B x H) 110 x 72 x 40 mm
Weight approx. 0,3 kg
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