CHARGOMATIC C3-400 high current

  • Battery charger
  • Power supply
  • Emergency power supply
  • primary switched
  • Case
  • efficiency of about 93%
12 V 80 A 36 V 40 A
24 V 70 A 48 V 30 A

other voltages 60 V to 360 VDC


Technical description
The chargers of the C3-400 series in the high-current design are built in primary switched circuit technology. They generate a regulated output voltage and are used for charging maintenance-free lead batteries and to supply power to connected loads in standby parallel mode. The charging characteristics adapted to various applications and a constant DC voltage with a small AC component maximize the battery life.

The power supplies have a single-phase power supply and an output power up to about 1500 watts. The units are built according to the following standards:

EN 60950 / EN 61000-3-2 / EN 50082-1+2 / EN 50081-1+2

All units are equipped with a PFC (Power Factor Corrector), which means the power factor is corrected to almost 1. When an external temperature sensor is connected, the charging voltage is tracked according to the temperature. The sensor can also be connected later.

The power supply contains in addition to the PFC a high frequency converter (100 kHz to 300 kHz) with a transformer for electrical isolation of the output. The power section of the power supply is built as a resonant converter with a half-bridge circuit. In this type of swichting mode almost no no switching losses of the transistors emerge. Furthermore, no snubber of semiconductor are needed, so an efficiency of about 93% is achieved within a very compact design. The control of the PFC and the high-frequency transducer works on the primary side completely digital by using a DSP controller. No analog control components need to be applied. That is how one could do without a shunt for measuring the output current (sensorless control).

Mechanical design
The chargers of the C3-400 series in high-current design consist of two parallel-connected devices on a common aluminum case. A temperature-controlled fan provides adequate cooling in case of performances over 300 watts. External fuses must be connected for battery and loads. The device meets the protection class II. On the front side a LED indicates the current flow (power good). A second LED indicates if an output current is bigger than 50 mA / rated device current. The “power good”-signal is configurable floating alarm contact is led to a terminal. On request, the viewer can be led out through a ribbon cable. The same applies to a continuity protection for on-board operating. The devices usually are equipped with two mounting brackets for installation. For the mains and consumer separate terminals are installed.

Certification and CE marking
The devices meet the basic requirements of the law relating to electromagnetic compatibility. 89/336/EEC, EMC Directive, 73/23/EEC low voltage directive.


  • low weight
  • Efficiency of about 93%
  • high reliability
  • devices can be connected in parallel
  • PFC
  • easy installation
  • fully digital control
  • decoupling with low back current
  • Inrush even at operating temperature
  • Surge protection
  • system ready for connection
  • Over-temperature protection with power control
  • Soft-Start


Technical data

Device type C3-412-80 C3-424-70 C3-436-40 C3-448-30
Rated voltage DC (Vnom) * 12 V 24 V 36 V 48 V
Nominal output current DC Inom. 80 A 70 A 40 A 30 A
Tuning voltage (Va) 13,8 V 27,6 V 41,4 V 55,2 V
Output current at Va 80 A 70 A 40 A 30 A
Short circuit current INom, max 30s
Kennlinie Standard IUIa with constant power (special characteristics on request)
Line voltage AC, 50/60Hz 230 V - 15% + 10 %
Back current Vnom. without power without decoupling diodes < 40 mA
Efficiency approx. 0,93
Power factor is about 0,99
Ambient temp. area 0°C/+35°C full power, 0°C/55°C with breakaway
Accuracy of the output voltage < 1% Va - rms
Load regulation at 80% nominal output current * < 1 % Va
Accuracy of the output voltage between 207 - 253 VAC < 1 %
Cross section, net max. 4 qmm
Cross section, output max. 16 qmm
Cooling Fan
Weight 3,6 kg
Dimensions (B x L x H) 270 x 290 x 95 (mounting brackets 2 x 20mm)

*for voltage > 60 V, the values are similar
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