• Battery charger
  • primary switched
  • Case
24 V 8 A
24 V 12 A


Functional description
The chargers of the G22-300 series are designed in the primary switch mode technology. A constant DC voltage with low AC voltage component during the charging process ensures a maximum lifetime of maintenance-free lead batteries. As a standard, the charging of the battery follows an IUoU curve, 2nd stage charging with 10-hour timer. Furthermore, an IUIa characteristic for batteries and maintenance-free batteries can be selected by a switch.

Three built-in LEDs then indicate the following states:
  • Yellow LED: charging current is flowing (LED), battery charged by 90% (LED flashes)
  • Green LED: battery full charge
  • Red LED: reverse polarity (LED), exceeding the charging time and over temperature (LED flashes)
Mechanical design
All components are mounted on the PCB. The PCB is in a case made of plastic sides with cover plates, which are screwed against each other, and has aluminum front and back sides. Type 24 V 12 A has a temperature-controlled cooling fan built-in.

The mains connection is made by a permanently mounted plug. The devices comply with protection class I.

CE marking
The devices meet the basic requirements of the law relating to electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EEC EEC treaty) and the low voltage directive (73/23/EEC).


  • Current limiting, overvoltage protection (optional)
  • short circuit, reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse polarity display, charging indicator
  • light weight, small dimensions
  • charging of deeply discharged batteries
  • three adjustable characteristics
  • derating at high temperature
  • Start a new charge cycle after power reset or reconnecting a new battery


Technical data

Device type G22–324–8 G22–324–12
Rated voltage DC * 24 V 24 V
Nominal output current DC 8 A 12 A
Voltage first charge level 28,8 V 28,8 V
Voltage second charge level 27,6 V 27,6 V
Current limit approx. ± 2% Nennstrom DC
Characteristic IU, IUIa, factory set at IU
Radio interference network side EN 55014
Protection class I
Harmonic power EN 61000-3-2 class A
Standards EN 60335, EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1, EN 61000-3-2
Reverse polarity electric
Back current at power failure < 1 mA
Input voltage AC, 50/60 Hz 230 V
Input current at 230 V approx. (rms) 1,50 A 2,20 A
Switching frequency approx. 80 kHz
efficiency approx. 0,88 0,87
Ambient temperature range 0º C / +35º C
Ripple of the output current < 3%
Accuracy of the output voltage between 195-265 V < 0,5%
Load regulation ** < 2%
Cooling Convection Ventilation
Weight 2,7 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 210 x 170 x 90 mm (Höhe ohne Griff)

* other voltages and currents available on request
** measured at the cable end
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