• Battery management system
  • Power supply
  • Emergency power supply
  • primary switched
  • 19 inches


The R300 series power supplies serve as a constant IU rectifiers in primary switched circuit technology. They generate a regulated output voltage for the battery charge.

A constant DC voltage with a small AC component ensures loading of sealed lead / calcium batteries in both the cycle and in standby parallel operation for maximum battery life.


The power supplies of the R300 series are single phased and have an output power up to 3 kW.

The units are built according to the following standards:
  • EN 60335-2-29
  • EN 55014
  • 60555-3
  • EN 50082-1
  • EN 50081-1
All units are equipped with a 1 kW PFC (Power Factor Corrector), which means the power factor is corrected to almost 1. Therefore they meet the standard EN 61000-3-2.

The input current is a maximum of 3 kW output power at 16 A. Output fuses are installed for devices up to 30 A rated current in the positive line. Be externally protected for all other devices must have the battery in standby parallel operation and the consumer.

The protection of the battery should be done for safety reasons, in accordance with the VDE regulations, as close to the battery. the lines between the battery and the backup should be double insulated. Upon request, the fuses are installed in a separate 3-U rack.


  • Low weight
  • Good efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Construction and safety standard EN 60335
  • Easy installation
  • Good control characteristics
  • Low back current
  • Inrush
  • Surge protection
  • Ready to install system


All units can be combined with the monitoring of the battery series R1100 and R1300, or with the computer-controlled battery monitoring the R2200 series.

R1100 and R1300 series battery monitoring


Computer-controlled battery monitoring R2200 series


Mechanical design
Essential part of the R300 series, the chassis number of the C300 Chargers, who are 19-inch rack-mounted 3U.

Certification and CE marking
The equipment meets the essential protection requirements of the law relating to electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EEC EEC Treaty), provided they are operated in a closed steel housing.


Technical data

Characteristic IU
Main voltage, AC 50/60 Hz 230 V
Radio interference EN 55014
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